Todays housing stock is becoming more air tight. Removal of poor quality air is essential in creating a healthy home environment. Condensation is due to moisture laden air being cooled by a cold surface; external walls and windows are the most common areas affected, clothes and furniture can also be damaged. The health issues can be more harmful. High Moisture content in homes has been linked to asthma and a wide range of other health issues. We offer a number of methods to reduce moisture content in homes.

  • cyfanConstant extraction from the moisture producing areas i.e. bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. The extractor fans we recommend run on constant trickle speed using less than 1 watt of power with a moisture tracker device (gradual increase in speed on detection of moisture) with boost via pull cord or light in internal bathroom.
  • Positive Input units bringing filtered air into the property to dilute the moisture laden air and replacing it with fresh, clean drier air. These units can be fitted in lofts, or in homes without lofts there is an alternative version which is just as effective.
  • Full home heat recovery units. This entails a large unit mounted in the loft or cupboard (if the dwelling is a flat). Most new build properties have these units but fitting in an existing property will often require major work to allow for ducting runs, often undertaken as part of a major refurbishment.
    Heat Recovery Unit
  • Mechanical ventilation combined with heating is the most effective way to deal with condensation. Opening windows and fitting passive vents will reduce air temperature in cold periods when condensation will be at its worst, which can result in low air temperature which in turn will produce more condensation.
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